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About Our New Name: The Fitness Edge of Minnesota is now Fitness Edge North due to a reorganization of ownership. Same place, same great workout, many of the same instructors. Come check us out!


Our Instructors

Julie Soukup - OwnerJulie Soukup - Owner

Julie is a certified personal trainer through NETA. She has several years of experience in martial arts, cardio kickboxing and fitness training. Her love of sports has allowed her to enjoy a wide variety of athletic endeavors, such as college basketball, volleyball and track and field. She has completed Grandma's Half-Marathon, numerous 5K and 10K races, and has competed in four North Shore Inline Marathons. She has several years' experience teaching a variety of fitness classes, personal training and health and fitness coaching. Julie has enjoyed developing her own brand of core-training, with cardio intervals and strength training. She helps her clients get the most out of their workouts with minimal time in the gym, challenging them to reach higher levels of fitness in a safe, fun and supportive environment. Bring a water bottle and might need it!

Michelle is NETA certified in personal training, sports nutrition and yoga. Her passion is helping people form and reach fitness goals for the betterment of every aspect of their lives. She has been teaching fitness classes at Fitness Edge North for 10+ years and enjoys continually researching and developing new varieties of exercises to keep classes fun and motivating. She has a Facebook page called Let's Rock and Lose the Roll, with fitness, diet and motivational tips and videos.

Michelle CarlsonMichelle Carlson

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